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The SURFACE NAVY ASSOCIATION, USS CONSTITUTION CHAPTER (SNAUCC) was established by RADM Raymond R. Couture, USNR (Ret) in 1988. 

PURPOSE: to support the mission, goals, and objectives of the Surface Navy Association (National) See Surface Navy Association website:

The Chapter is unique in its close association with the USS CONSTITUTION, the U.S. Navy’s oldest commissioned ship. Commanding Officer, USS CONSTITUTION is an active member of the Chapter Board of Directors. As outlined below, several annual activities are associated with this historic ship. The rich history of this vessel, as a living symbol of surface navy excellence, gives our chapter members the opportunity to participate in these annual events which do much to promote publicity for the Surface Navy community at large.

Chapter members include both active and retired officers and enlisted USN, USNR, USCG, a large segment of civilian “corporate” members as well as members of other services residing in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Vermont. The Chapter has associations with members of the Navy League, Naval Recruiting District New England, the Wardroom Club of Boston, the Military Historical Society of Massachusetts, the Association of the USN (AUSN), and other military organizations. Chapter members have an opportunity to participate in activities associated with the ship and promote the Surface Navy community at large.  USS CONSTITUTION web site.

Those with the time and interest in becoming more directly involved may consider serving on the Board of Directors.