The purpose of the National Cuttermen Chapter is to represent the professional values of all those who are interested in the promotion of Cuttermen as a community and the U.S. Coast Guard fleet as well as Surface Naval Forces as an integral part of the United States Navy and U.S. Coast Guard. Toward that end, this Chapter serves as The Professional Association for Surface Warfare and Cutter Operations throughout the globe for Cuttermen not associated with other SNA chapters.

By Laws (Excerpt)

It is the aim of this Chapter to promote recognition of the continuing contributions of the United States Coast Guard, Surface Naval Forces, and Navy to the security of the United States among key decision makers and educators. To that end we will:

  1. Recognize and publicize professional excellence in the U.S. Coast Guard and Surface Naval Forces and among all those who support those forces in their mission of providing for the security of the United States.
  2. Actively seek opportunities to engage in discussions of the tactical and strategic contributions of the Coast Guard fleet and Surface Naval Forces to national security.
  3. Aggressively pursue opportunities to promote liaison and communication between the business, military and academic communities to further understanding of the contributions of U.S. Coast Guard and Surface Naval Forces to national security.
  4. Foster and preserve the heritage of the U.S. Coast Guard, Surface Naval Forces, and the United States Navy to enhance an appreciation of past contributions and future promise in the preservation of our national security.
  5. Provide a continuing forum on professional matters affecting Cuttermen, the U.S. Coast Guard fleet and their integral role within the United States Navy through a variety of means throughout the professional, business and academic communities.
  6. Recognize Cuttermen and sailors as the U.S. Coast Guard and Surface Navy’s most valuable assets and actively pursue opportunities to promote commissioned Cuttermen, enlisted Cuttermen, and Surface Warfare Officer and Enlisted esprit de corps to impact positively retention.
It is our firm belief that Cuttermen, officer and enlisted, along with the men and women of Surface Navy represent the core of our naval capability as a nation and as a naval force without peer. We completely support the readiness, morale, and professional capability of the surface force. We are united in our resolve that these forces, and the professional Cuttermen and Sailors who give them life, are key and essential components of the security of the United States, now and in the next century.

Chapter Officers

Scott Clendenin, CAPT


Torrey Jacobsen, LT

Vice President

Brian Perkins, CAPT (ret)


Eric Jones, RADM


Justin Matejka, LCDR


Anthony Russell, CDR